jig saw blade – Bosch T234X Progressor Wood Jig Saw Blade (5 pieces per pack)

Bosch T234X Jig Saw BladesBosch T234X Progressor Wood Jig Saw Blades (5-Pack)

Bosch T234X Progressor Wood Jig Saw Blades (5 pieces per pack)

jig saw blades By: Bosch

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Bosch T234X jig saw blades

This jig saw blades is design for wood specially, its blade tip design is sharp plunger type for fast sawing as well as precision. One that most do not know is that this jig saw blades is design exclusively for composite material. The side set of blade teeth is progressive from small to big, that for different type of material going to be cut. The overall length is 4 inches which is more than enough for all application works. This perfect design is splinter free cutting and ensure the accuracy during cutting too. The jig saw blades shank shape is T shape which you may call it ” Tang Shank”, it is for fast and easy blade changing which ensure safe  blade changing during working. There is no set screw holes to mount, the T shank blade changing is to prevent direct blade touching which is hot after sawing. Another word the T shank shape of the blade is a universal blade changing system that spread over many jig saw maker.

Bosch is that the world-wide market leader for jig saw blades. this implies that no compromising quality, state of the art ideas and versatility use. Whether or not for curve miter, straight or curved cuts, Bosch sells the proper saw blade designed for top performance in all major maker of  jig saws. For example * T-shank Jig Saw Blades for Wood. * Item # T234X. * TypeProgressor for Wood. * Overall Length 4-1/2 in.. *Blade Height zero.37 Inch. * Blade Thickness zero.06 Inch. * Teeth Per in. Progressive.

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Bosch T234X Progressor Wood Blades (5-Pack)
Bosch T234X Progressor Wood Jig Saw Blades
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